At JbigDeaL Fitness Gym (Arabinda Para, Falakata), we are proud to have a team of exceptionally skilled and accomplished trainers who are dedicated to helping our members achieve their fitness and bodybuilding goals. Our trainers bring a wealth of experience and accolades, making them a pivotal part of our gym’s success.

Mr. Sujit Roy is one of our esteemed male trainers whose impressive accomplishments in the bodybuilding arena speak volumes about his expertise and dedication. Mr. Roy is the reigning Siliguri Group Champion of 2023, showcasing his prowess among a competitive field. Further adding to his credentials, he clinched the title of North Bengal Overall Runner-up in 2023. His remarkable performance at the state level earned him the West Bengal State Group Champion gold medal in the same year. His expertise is nationally recognized, having qualified for the NPC Pro League, marking him as a top-tier professional in the sport.

Ms. Lipika Roy is our distinguished female trainer, known not only for her expertise in fitness training but also for her formidable achievements in powerlifting. Ms. Roy has been crowned the State Level Powerlifting Champion, demonstrating her strength and technical proficiency. She is a three-time winner of the North Bengal Strong Women title, a testament to her enduring strength and conditioning. Additionally, she secured 2nd place in the North Bengal Women’s Fitness competition, further highlighting her comprehensive fitness skills and her ability to inspire and lead by example.

Together, Mr. Sujit Roy and Ms. Lipika Roy contribute to a robust training environment at JbigDeaL Fitness Gym, offering both male and female members world-class guidance. Their achievements inspire our community, and their commitment to fitness excellence ensures that all members have the support they need to succeed in their own athletic endeavors. Whether you’re looking to compete at the highest levels or simply aiming to improve your personal fitness, our trainers are here to guide you every step of the way.